Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Humor – No Texting in Theaters

The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas has had a strict policy of no talking in their theater.  They would even run a short clip of former Governor Ann Richards getting a call in her office, coming down to the theater, and throwing the talker out.

More recently, the Alamo Drafthouse took on texting in their theater, too.  People were trying to get around the no talking rule and consequently flooding the theater with beams of light from their phones.

One woman was not happy about getting tossed out for texting.  She left a voicemail for the Alamo Drafthouse that they ended up turning into their latest short clip to warn people not to text.

This is the censored version.  If you want to hear it in all its glory, you can find the uncensored version here.

Personally, I wish all theaters would do this.  I might start going out to see more movies again.


  1. That is absolutely brilliant Chip. Thanks for the rude link too. Back in England we always enjoyed the Orange "dont let a mobile phone ruin the movie" ads before the film but i think this beats all of them hands down.

    1. Thanks. The Alamo Drafthouse has had a history of banning talking during movies and running skits before their movies to drive it home. At one time they had the actual governor of the state of Texas (in which the theater is located) participate. She was known as being one tough broad. It showed her getting a call on a red phone and rushing out of her office. She runs into the Alamo Drafthouse, grabs a talking crowd member, and throws him out.