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Hike – Mother Walker Falls

Mother Walker Falls
Mother Walker Falls is located in Grafton Notch State Park in Grafton Township, Maine.  It is a popular tourist attraction.  It features a gorge and a chute that force water downstream.  The falls themselves are now somewhat obscured by trees that have grown up in front of the viewing area.  It is still worth stopping if you are in the park, though.

Specific Directions (see General Directions in the Grafton Notch header post here):  Drive north on Route 26 past Screw Auger Falls.  You will see a big sign that tells you the turn for Mother Walker Falls is coming in 1,500 feet.  It will be on the right.  There is parking for many vehicles.  There are no bathrooms or drinking water here.

Note:  The state park asks for two dollars for each adult; children under 12 are free.  There are no guards or gates to stop at.  It is on the honor system.  Each park site has a metal column to slide the money in.  Paying at one site covers you for all the other sites in the park.

This is a walk, not a hike.  After you park, walk down a few wooden steps to a well worn path.  First, head to the right.  In a hundred feet the trail will split.  Take either one; they come back together at the viewing area.  You’ve got a good view of the gorge from here, although the falls themselves are somewhat obscured.  There are some barriers here, but if you have small children with you, keep an eye on them.

Turn around and go back to the parking area.  This time take the path to the left.  This will come to the stream above the falls.  There is a sign explaining how old carriage roads were built and then abandoned.  The stream makes a couple of 90 degree turns here and if you are willing to scramble over some rocks you can get views of a chute, as well as water running down off the cliffs above.

Water running off the cliff above a stream at Mother Walker Falls

When you are done, turn around and go back to your car.

Cumulative distance:             a few hundred feet
Cumulative elevation gain:   negligible
Cumulative duration:            15 minutes

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