About this Blog

Welcome to my blog. 

The tips that I intend to offer will be concentrated on movies, hikes, and books, with occasional articles on websites, TV shows, or other things that catch my interest.  Tips that you will not find here are:

  1. Financial – other than “buy low, sell high”
  2. Weight Loss – other than “eat less, exercise more”
  3. Clothing – other than “when you go out in public wear some”
My goal is to write reviews for three to five movies a week, all of which have something in common.  I will also include an article on a hike and/or a book each week.  The movie groupings I will create are intended to be fun ways of linking films.  These groupings will be in “Labels."  Since I will revisit groupings from time to time, and since movies will fall into more than one grouping, the Labels will allow you to click on them and see all movies that fall into that grouping.

What can you expect from the movie articles?  My basic philosophy is that there are far too many movie critics out there and nowhere near enough movie reviewers.  I am not here to trash movies, to work the titles into insults, to tell you why I’m smarter than the director, writer, producer, etc.  I’m here to tell you a little bit about the movie and why you should consider watching it.

I intend to only include movies that I have rated three, four, or five stars on Netflix.  I will list these ratings in the articles.  Here is how you should interpret these ratings:

3 Stars – If it sounds interesting then check it out
4 Stars – Unless it sounds awful, you should check it out
5 Stars – Absolutely recommended – a must see

Please comment on the articles.  If you agree that it is a good movie/book/hike, let me know.  If you disagree, please write more than “this sucked!”  Let me know why you didn’t like it. In either case other readers will find it useful in judging if they want to see the movie. 

One guideline in the comments – No Spoilers Please.  No “I liked the movie up until they killed off the father” comments.  If you absolutely must include a spoiler to explain why you liked/disliked the movie, please include the words “SPOILER WARNING” so that people can avoid it, if they want.

Finally, each week I will post three potential groupings for the next set of articles and I will ask you to tell me which one you want to see next.  This will let you pick the ones that sound the most interesting.