Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hike – Moose Cave

Moose Cave is located in Grafton Notch State Park in Grafton Township, Maine.  It is a popular tourist attraction.  It features a set of walkways that lead you to massive granite boulders that have broken off the cliff side, forming a “cave” and a chute of water.  It gets its name from a moose that fell into the water here.

Specific Directions (see General Directions in the Grafton Notch header post here):  Drive north on Route 26 past Mother Walker Falls.  You will see a big sign that tells you the turn for Moose Cave is coming in 1,500 feet.  It will be on the right.  There is parking for many vehicles.  There are no bathrooms or drinking water here.

Note:  The state park asks for two dollars for each adult; children under 12 are free.  There are no guards or gates to stop at.  It is on the honor system.  Each park site has a metal column to slide the money in.  Paying at one site covers you for all the other sites in the park.

After you park, walk down a few wooden steps to a well worn path.  Take the path to the left.  You will eventually loop around and come out on the trail on the right.  This is a walk, not a hike.  There are wooden stairs in sections that take you down toward the cave then back up away from it.  There are some barriers here, but if you have small children with you, keep an eye on them.

The trail is wide and well maintained.  In a short distance there will be a smaller trail coming in from the right.  Stay on the trail you are on and you will come to some wooden steps.  These will lead you down to the “cave”.  Note how large the piece is that was broken off the cliff just from water and ice getting into crevices.

Large moss covered boulder at Moose Cave

When you are done looking at the sights around the cave continue on the trail in a clockwise direction.  You will come to some rock ledge.  Look for the trail to now go to the right to head back to the parking area.

Cumulative distance:             a quarter of a mile
Cumulative elevation gain:   100 feet (mostly stairs)
Cumulative duration:            30 minutes

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