Thursday, March 10, 2011

Video – Castle Cast at Comic Con 2010

What does the TV show Castle have to do with the biggest convention in the world for celebrating all things science fiction, fantasy, superhero, comic book, etc.?  Absolutely nothing.  The show is a mainstream detective drama/comedy with none of those elements. 

So why did they have the cast of the show at the latest convention?  Because Nathan Fillion has a huge fan following from a prior science fiction show he did called Firefly.  You may not have heard of it, but in the few short years since it went off the air it has probably amassed the third largest set of fans in the Comic Con community – behind only Star Trek and Star Wars.

The following six videos are the complete 50 minute panel that the cast held at Comic Con 2010.  You will see how much fun they have with each other and the chemistry that makes the TV show so entertaining.  You will also see how comfortable Fillion is, having been there many times, cracking jokes, playing to the crowd, etc., while some of the other cast members look a little overwhelmed at first at being treated like rock stars.  You can tell they are enjoying their time in front of the audience.


  1. Just in case some people are confused by the whole "double rainbow" thing that Nathan Fillion has going on with the audience: A couple of weeks before this convention was held a Youtube video about a double rainbow went viral. Fillion tweeted to his fans that he wanted to turn the phrase "double rainbow" into a catchphrase. Here is a video explaining this internet meme: