Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Humor – Harry Potter Humor

Harry Potter meets Snoop Dog

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Harry Potter meets Samuel L. Jackson

Harry Potter meets Twilight

Harry Potter meets The Lord of the Rings Part 1

Harry Potter meets The Lord of the Rings Part 2 (Warning: this contains spoilers for both film series and bad language.)

Harry Potter meets Friends

One more social networking joke

Can’t we all just get along?

She’s not a little girl anymore

Speaking of which, some people seem to have noticed this

A graduation wish

Finally, some really obvious and very bad puns


  1. I love all of those HP funny comic strips. The best ones are when Snape is making fun of Voldemort or the ones which add lines to those ridiculous shots of Voldemort yelling :)

  2. @Sati - yeah, using some images from the Potter movies and then placing new quotes over it became quite a meme for a while. I've seen others, like Dwayne Johnson looking back over his shoulder with big eyes from the Escape to Witch Mountain remake.