Monday, January 23, 2012

Humor – Do You Have a Dirty Mind?

This is a pretty famous image that shows how some things can be interpreted innocently by those who are innocent, or not so innocently by those who are not so innocent.

Maybe you feel that was too obvious; that you don’t really have a dirty mind.  Well, shall we see how you interpret some other innocent pictures?

That’s an impressive parade float.

Prince Charles, you naughty boy.  You’ve already pinned the medal on; what are you about to do now?  (And why is she smiling?)

See what?

You know, the tradition of the winner kissing their trophy can sometimes have an interesting result.

It seems quite a few people must have dirty minds.

He definitely has a dirty mind.

So do these women.

This is the license plate on Ana’s Lexus.

By now you’ll see something bad in pretty much any picture I show you, won’t you?

You’d think this has to be intentional, but the structure looks like it has three similarly shaped openings and it is purely the angle of the sun that causes the illusion.

I know some people take pictures when they reach 100,000 miles, but why take one when you reach this mileage?

Talk about taking a picture at just the right moment.

A beautiful flower almost ready to blossom.

Yes, this is a real place.  (Click here for an explanation of the name.)  No, I've never been there.

Hint – It’s probably not what you think it is.

Finally, where’s the best place around to rent movies?  Why, this place of course.

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