Thursday, December 6, 2012

Humor – Honest Trailers

Most of us have at some point watched a movie because the trailer made it look interesting, or funny, or scary, or whatever it was we wanted to see, but when we paid our money we found out that the film wasn’t at all what the trailer made it out to be. 

In fact, there was even a contest a few years ago to craft a trailer of a well-known film, using only footage from the film, but making it look completely different from the truth.  Here is my favorite – a trailer for Mary Poppins that makes it look like a horror film (Scary Mary):

Well, some people have decided to fight back.  They’ve started doing what they call “honest trailers”.  They humorously point out all the stupid parts of movies, even ones they like.  I’ve embedded my favorites below.  Be aware that there are spoilers for these movies in them, so if you haven’t seen one, you may want to skip it.  Also be aware that you need a sense of humor about movies that you may have liked.  Just yesterday another blogger made a post about how she is sick and tired of people making fun of the stupid parts of movies and it was apparently triggered by the “honest trailer” for Prometheus, which you will find below.  For the record, I liked Prometheus, Avatar, and The Dark Knight, but I still think these "trailers" are funny.




The Amazing Spider-Man:

The Dark Knight:

If you liked these, you can find the rest of them here.


  1. I hadn't seen "Scary Mary," that was great. My personal favorite "recut" trailer is "Shining." I also enjoy "10 Things I Hate About Commandments," mostly because Yul Brynner saying "No doubt" makes me laugh.

    I hadn't seen those Honest Trailers. Those are great! My favorites were Titanic ("Academy Award for Best Editing for three hours of establishing shots!") and Twilight ("for girls too stupid for The Hunger Games!").

    Let's just say that your post had me off bumbling around youtube for about an hour.

    1. You know, I almost included Titanic just so I could write "this one's for you Siobhan", but ultimately it didn't make the cut. I'm glad you got as much fun out of these as I did.

  2. I actually liked Prometheus but that honest trailer for it is hilarious.

  3. Pretty funny stuff! I saw a trailer someone did for 2001: A Space Odyssey that was cut like a modern movie trailer would be. It was pretty accurate in that it told you absolutely nothing about the film.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to look for that.

  4. Thanks for posting these. :)