Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Humor – Historically Hardcore

A while back artist Jenny Burrows did three posters for a student project.  She titled them “Historically Hardcore” and they were supposedly advertising an upcoming exhibit at the Smithsonian that was designed to make history more relevant and interesting for today’s youths.

People liked them, they got shared, and eventually the fact that they were not real got lost.  All of a sudden people were calling the Smithsonian to find out when the exhibit would be opening because they loved the concept.  In fact, pretty much everybody loved the concept, except for the Smithsonian.  Somebody there who was wound way too tight threatened Burrows with legal action if she did not remove these posters.

Since the posters had now been shared all across the internet that was pretty much impossible for her to do.  What she did do was remove any references to the Smithsonian on the posters and put them back up on her website again.

Here is my favorite:

You can find all three of them here:

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