Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TV – Castle Season 2

This season is the one where the show hit its stride.  The writers and actors know who the characters are and they are able to expand on them.  The show plays up the growing attraction of the two leads.  That really gets fun when Castle’s first Nikki Heat book is published.  It’s titled Heat Wave.  If you have not read the post on the book, please do so now.  You can find it here.

As you might expect, Beckett is not happy about the book.  She feels it is hard enough to be taken seriously as a detective and now she has to deal with this.  Everyone else around her has a ball with it, though, especially her friend Lanie, the medical examiner.  When Beckett complains, Lanie says, “In his book Castle made you sound like a combination of Dirty Harry and Angelina Jolie.  What’s not to like?”  She also keeps pointing out that Castle wrote a pretty steamy sex scene between his character and Beckett’s in the book and that it can’t all be fictional. 

As the season goes on, the sex scene in the book comes up a few more times.  They have a recurring joke where people who are meeting Castle and Beckett for the first time always assume they are a couple.  Once when asked if they are in a relationship, the two of them simultaneously answer.  She says “No” and he says “Not yet.”

Not everything is jokes, though.  I figured the show would stretch out the back story of Beckett’s mother’s murder forever, but instead they actually have a more serious episode bringing things to a head.  In it Castle shows just how much he has come to care for her, too. 

They also had a two-parter where a particularly brilliant criminal targets Detective Beckett because of Castle making her famous as Nikki Heat.

Season 2 ends on a bit of a down note, with Castle going away for the summer to work on his next book, and their feelings for each other still unspoken.

Chip’s Rating: Four stars out of five



  1. Oh, I love the mention of the sex scene in the book too. So funny!

    In my very newbie opinion, I liked this season more than s1 in part because it started to really have fun with the peripheral characters, especially the other cops Beckett works with (I'm still such a newbie, I don't remember their names).

    AND I really liked the two-parter episode with Dana Delaney.

    1. Season 2 is definitely better than season 1. Both writers and performers had time to get to know the characters.

      I agree on the two parter. It's a formula that the show has repeated each subsequent season.

      Have you read the Heat Wave book?

    2. No, but I might take you up on that idea next time I'm at the library. My birthday's in a few days and I'm hoping for Castle.

    3. I just re-read my review of Heat Wave. You can safely read it. There is nothing in there that would be a spoiler for you, especially since they discussed anything I had in it during the second season of the TV show, which you have seen. I included a clip at the end of it where Fillion and Katic are reading an excerpt from the book. It is hilarious and not to be missed. It's part of the 2010 Comic Con appearance, which I have in its entirety in its own post. It happened between seasons 1 and 2, so again there would be no spoilers in it if you watched the entire thing.

      And if you don't get what you are looking for on your birthday, nor at the library, perhaps I can arrange a care package (on loan only) of four DVD sets and five books.

    4. Sorry, I meant the Comic Con 2010 appearance was between seasons 2 and 3, not 1 and 2.