Monday, August 6, 2012

Humor – The Return of Fails

Because the world has a lot of idiots and proof of this seems to eventually end up on the internet.  Here is a second sampling:

(You can see the first set of photos I posted at this link.)

Ladies - Think you've been in an embarassing situation?  How does it compare to this woman's?

Wow, I wish the shopping center near me would put in one of these convenient, covered parking spots to keep your vehicle dry.

Assuming no one was hurt, I think the license plate say it all.

That's one prom photo she's not going to want to keep, especially if it's her dad.

That has got to be one really great cupcake.

I think the caption says it all.

Judging by that woman's face, this guy isn't having the kind of impact he was hoping for.

Just by looking at the first photo you can probably figure out what you're going to see in the second one.

If I am remembering my high school geometry correctly, I think the teacher was looking for "x = 5 cm".  (Note: I almost had a fail of my own.  When I typed out the first draft I used the word "geography" instead of "geometry".  I caught it during editing.)

Don't worry, it's not just humans that make some poor decisions.

Of course, if you put humans and animals all together we should expect peace and harmony, right?  (I love the blurring effect that shows how fast and furious (furryous?) this guy's seat becomes a very bad place to be.)

Finally, after all those fails we need some win.  Whoever gave this answer deserves an A.


  1. FUNNY! and yes the last one is brilliant.

  2. A woman I used to work with always said that we always get what we deserve. Well, I think she was right on.

    1. If it's the large number of car crashes that cellphone talkers get into then I agree, but unfortunately those idiots sometimes take some innocent people in other cars with them. Idiots that only harm themselves definitely got what they deserve.

  3. Ahhh, the human race idiotic, foolish and clumsy, but sometimes they can be clever as the ‘find x’ and the last one proves. These fail pictures/videos are always good for a laugh. Sometimes, however, when watching videos I just ‘you deserve everything you get for doing something so stupid’

    Plus, I gave you an award.

    its what the bloggers do.

    Sorry, to many typos for me to cope. had to repost.

    1. No problem. Here was my response to it:

      Thanks for the award. I posted on it a couple weeks ago and I answered your questions at your site.