Saturday, June 6, 2015

Coldplay’s Game of Thrones: The Musical

The members of the band Coldplay are big fans of the show Game of Thrones.  They’ve written some songs to turn it into a musical.  See Tyrion Lannister sing about being a survivor in “A Man for All Seasons (Still Goin’ Strong)”.  See Jaime Lannister sing about his love for Cersei in “Closer to Home”.

You may be wondering “Is this serious?”  The answer, perhaps fortunately, is no.  This is a bit of fun Coldplay and some of the cast of Game of Thrones had for the recent Red Nose Day.

Here is the full twelve minute skit from Coldplay where we see them getting together with the cast to work on the musical.  It includes partial versions of three songs, the two I mentioned above, along with Dany singing “Rastafarian Targaryen”.  I’ve included videos of the more complete versions of these three songs below the main Coldplay video.


  1. My favorite is Emilia Clarke's reggae song.

    1. All of them brought a laugh to me. I'd probably go with Closer to Home just because it's so twisted. And I love the impassioned way he "plays" the piano while singing it.

  2. Absolutely hooked up to the series, never thought small screen would be so gripping! Even added to my watchlist at to keep track of the progress.