Sunday, April 8, 2012

Humor – Easter Guests

I hope you all had a happy Easter.  I hosted my extended family at my house for Easter dinner.  Here are some pictures:



The last guests being prompted to go home:

(Just kidding.)

I’m lucky.  My family did the dishes and helped me pick up some.  They also left well before it got dark, and no police had to be called out to my house.


  1. I hope you had good time! Is that your house? It's gorgeous!

  2. @Sati. - Thanks! The first four pictures are a sunroom I had put on 4-5 years ago. (The last pic I just found on the web when I googled "party aftermath").

  3. Thank you for hosting Easter Lunch Chip. It was a nice day to visit with everyone.

  4. @Tracie - You're welcome. I'm glad you were able to come.

  5. Dude, your house is insanely nice. Love that sun room. Hope you had a nice holiday!

  6. @Alex Withrow - Thanks! You might not say that if you saw it BEFORE I cleaned it. :-)

    I hadn't thought about what impression these pictures would make in regards to the sunroom; I was placing them there to set up a contrast with the final joke picture (seeing as how I had just gotten the room all spic and span for Easter). With 20/20 hindsight I can see how something I now take a little for granted (the sunroom) could make a good impression. When it was a new addition on my house I used to spend all my free time out there. Now it is more just part of my house, albeit one that I still enjoy.

  7. Chip that is a sweet looking sunroom, I guess your not a vampire. Who is that gentleman with the excellent taste in baseball teams?

  8. @threeguys1movie - That's no gentleman; that's my nephew. (Couldn't resist the old joke.) Like me he's a lifelong Red Sox fan.