Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Great Eyes

“He has his father’s eyes.” – Roman Castevet, Rosemary’s Baby

Pretty much every actor or actress that is attractive (which is most of them) has nice eyes.  That’s just a given.  Some performers, though, stand out for their eyes even within this sea of attractiveness.  Some even became famous precisely because of their eyes.  This category is designed to select some films that I would recommend that have these performers in them.

Now “great” doesn’t always have to mean “beautiful”; it just means that they catch your attention and hold it.  I’ve included a couple of actors that were very well known for their unique eyes.  Don’t worry, though, ladies (and some gentlemen).  Even though I am a poor judge of what makes a man attractive, I think I’ve got some examples for you in this category that will satisfy.  In fact, here’s Paul Newman for you right now.
His eyes are at the top of the picture, folks.

I’ve decided to go with a set of very well known films alternated with some that are more obscure, but still worth your time.  I’ve placed close-ups of the performers’ eyes below.  You’ll probably recognize some of them.  And no, none are Yoda; I only used real people. 

As I review the films I will come back and tell you who they are, along with adding links to their movies that I reviewed.

Paul Newman (top) and Elizabeth Taylor

Alexis Bledel

Peter O'Toole

Sheetal Sheth (top) and Lisa Ray

Marty Feldman

Kate Bosworth

Jack Elam

Charlotte Ayanna
The Insatiable (2007) – posted April 22, 2013

Ray Liotta
Something Wild (1986) – posted July 5, 2013

On to the reviews…


  1. I wasn't staring into Paul Newman's eyes. Sorry but guys too want to have sex with him as well.

    1. :-)

      You know, I almost always write "ladies, and some gentlemen," when referring to attraction to men and for once I didn't do it in this post. It figures I'd forget it, especially with the picture I posted.