Friday, March 15, 2013

Movies with Repeated Titles

Lt. Col. Korn – “You’re the only Major available in our headquarters staff.”
Capt. Major – “No, Major is my name, not my rank.”
Col. Cathcart – That’s close enough for me Major.  Consider yourself a Major now.”
Major Major – “Sir, I don’t know anything about being a squadron commander.”
Col. Cathkart – “We all have to make sacrifices Major.”
Major Major – “Sir, I’m in building and laundry.”

                                    How Captain Major became Major Major – Catch-22

Anyone who’s been visiting here for a while knows that I am somewhat fascinated with patterns in the titles of movies themselves.  I have done categories titled Movies by the Numbers, Quarky Movies, Attack of the “V” Movies, One Letter Movies, and “American” Movies.  The last was seven months ago, so it’s time I did another.

What I mean by “repeated titles” are those films that consist solely of the same word or phrase appearing more than once.  Two examples of this are Author! Author! (1982) and Jamon, Jamon (1992).  I’m using these as examples because I won’t be reviewing them.  I didn’t feel Author! Author! was good enough to recommend and I have not seen the Penelope Cruz/Javier Bardem movie Jamon Jamon (and it’s not available via Netflix.)

I should note that “close, but no cigar” movies will also be excluded.  Examples of what I mean are Kramer vs. Kramer and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (although you can read my review of that film here.)  Another example for the fellow language geeks out there is Hot Shots! (1991), which contains the same four letters in a repeating pattern.

After I post each review for the films in this category I will add a link to them here:

50/50 – (posted December 10, 2011)

On to the reviews…


  1. I'm guessing you won't be reviewing Victor/Victoria as it's not quite the same word twice, but I'm mildly hopeful you might do America, America or Rachel, Rachel.

    1. Correct on Victor/Victoria. I'm definitely doing one of the other two. I still need to see the other, but I will be watching it very soon so I can decide whether to include it or not. Both are Oscar Best Picture nominees, so I'd have seen both eventually. I'm also including a 1,001 Movies entry and a 2013 Oscar nominee, along with a couple others. I have two other recent candidates to see, too.

    2. I know one of the recent movies (thought of it after I posted--it's from 2011). Good luck with the List film--I suspect I know which one it is. I've also pegged the recent Oscar nom.

  2. Give jamon jamon a chance. It is excellent and ridiculously funny. The final battle in giant hams is worth it all.

    1. Oh, I will. I would have watched it for this category, but it is not available from Netflix and I was too lazy to try to track it down online when I had other readily available movies I already needed to see for the category.

  3. I'm hoping for The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming.

    "No no... we are... Nor-weeg-ans."