Monday, June 13, 2011


This blog just passed 2,500 views.  Sure, that’s not a very big number compared to sites that have hot chicks or cute kittens (or both) on them, but it’s pretty good considering that this site gets almost no promotion via social media and has no reciprocal agreements with other websites.  Knowing this, I’d like to thank everyone who takes the time to visit, and especially those who share a post they like with their friends.

Here are some facts on the five months this blog has been around.

Number of posts:  152 (counting this one)

Most viewed post (48 total) – 2011 Oscar Winners
Most viewed humor post (45 total) – Royal Wedding
Most viewed hiking post (43 total) – Mount Battie and Megunticook Mountain
Most viewed book post (20 total) – Heat Wave
Most viewed movie post (19 total) – Black Swan

Both of these humor and hiking posts appear near the top of specific search results on Google, so the traffic on them has been increasing recently.  One of them will soon be the most viewed post overall.  

It’s interesting that most people who urged me to do a blog did this so that they could read my movie recommendations, yet that is the least viewed genre of posts on the blog.  With good weather finally here the hiking posts have actually been getting the most traffic recently.

Where are the people who read this blog located?  Far and away most traffic comes from the U.S., but people in many other countries access it including Canada, The U.K., Malaysia, Germany, France, Denmark, Australia, Russia, The Philippines, Hungary, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, India, Serbia, Turkey, and many others.

Oh, and in the interest of increasing traffic [Note - no nudity]:

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