Friday, March 9, 2012

Fairytales for Adults

Grandson: “They’re kissing again.  Do we have to hear the kissing parts?”
Grandfather: “Someday, you may not mind so much.”
                                                                         – The Princess Bride

By “Fairytales for Adults” I don’t mean X-rated material.  If you were hoping for recommendations there, try the 1976 version of Alice in Wonderland with Kristine De Bell as Alice.

No, what I mean by this category title is stories that are ones that adults can appreciate, be caught up in, and be entertained by.  They may have a little more complex story, or at the very least they do not talk down to the audience.  Fairytales are often dark, too, so yes, there may be greater amounts of sexuality or violence in the stories.  Some may be set in the real world, but be parallels to classic fairytale stories (i.e. 1996’s Freeway where Reese Witherspoon is a teen on her way to her Grandma’s who is given a ride by Bob Wolverton).

This will probably be a little bigger category than normal.  I might recommend a dozen or so movies, depending on how much I stretch the “fairy tale” definition.  For instance, I was going to do a separate category on selkies someday, but I’ve only found two movies that use them (1994's The Secret of Roan Inish and 2009's Ondine), so I will combine them into this category.

As I post the reviews, I will come back and post the links to them here:


  1. Hmmm... Sounds intriguing. I look forward to returning for your reviews.

  2. @Barry P. - Thanks. I hope you find them worthwhile.