Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oscar Quiz: Best Picture Nominee or Adult Film? Can You Tell By Just the Title?

I did this quiz last year and it got a good reaction.  Here are fifty more films for you to try.  If you didn’t do that well last year then hopefully you, um, boned up for it this year.

Here’s a little quiz to see how well you know your Oscar nominees.  I will list a series of real film names, grouped by related titles.  Some of them will be ones nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture and others will be on AVN’s list of the Top 101 Adult Videos.  Can you tell which is which?  Score one point for every correct answer.


All About Eve
All This and Heaven Too
The Bells of St. Mary’s
The Bishop’s Wife
Body & Soul
Dark Angels
Devil in Miss Jones
The Nun’s Story
The Resurrection of Eve
Seventh Heaven


Bad Wives
The Divorcee
The Gay Divorcee
An Unmarried Woman

When the Lights Go Out:

In the Heat of the Night
It Happened One Night
Neon Nights
Night Trips
One Night of Love

A Little Naughty:

As Good As It Gets
Flirtation Walk
Friendly Persuasion
Love Affair
The Love Parade
Nothing to Hide
One Hour With You
Scent of a Woman
Secrets & Lies
A Touch of Class

Getting Freaky:

Bound for Glory
Dangerous Liaisons
Dr. Strangelove
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Hidden Obsessions
The More the Merrier
Wild Things


Bus Stop Tales
Double Feature
Naked Came the Stranger
Raw Talent
Reel People
West Side
Wild Goose Chase


There are a total of 27 Best Picture nominees and 23 Adult Films in this quiz.  They break down as follows:

Religion: All About Eve, All This and Heaven Too, The Bells of St. Mary’s, The Bishop’s Wife, The Nun’s Story, and Seventh Heaven are the nominees; Body & Soul, Dark Angels, Devil in Miss Jones, and The Resurrection of Eve are the adult films.

Splitsville: The Divorcee, The Gay Divorcee, and An Unmarried Woman are the nominees; Bad Wives is the adult film.

When the Lights Go Out: In the Heat of the Night, It Happened One Night, and One Night of Love are the nominees; Neon Nights and Night Trips are the adult films.

A Little Naughty: As Good As It Gets, Flirtation Walk, Friendly Persuasion, Love Affair, The Love Parade, One Hour With You, Scent of a Woman, Secrets & Lies, and A Touch of Class are the nominees; Conflict, Nothing to Hide, and Scoundrels are the adult films.

Getting Freaky: Awakenings, Bound for Glory, Dangerous Liaisons, Dr. Strangelove, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and The More the Merrier are the nominees; Hidden Obsessions, Underworld, and Wild Things are the adult films.

Miscellaneous: Bus Stop Tales, Double Feature, Naked Came the Stranger, Raw Talent, Realities, Reel People, Watchers, West Side, Wild Goose Chase, and Zazel are all adult films.  There are no nominees among these miscellaneous movies.  As Bugs Bunny would say, “Ain’t I a stinker?”

How Did You Do?

Seriously?  You didn’t even get Dr. Strangelove?
1 – 10
At least you got Dr. Strangelove.
11 – 20
You might want to explore more Oscar nominated films.
21 – 30
Not bad.  You must have seen your share of films.
31 – 40
Damn good.  You really know your stuff.
41 – 49
Very impressive.  You are an expert on Oscar nominees.  (Or adult films.)
That IMDB sure is a handy site, isn’t it?

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  1. It won't surprise you that I did really well on this quiz without going to IMDB.

    1. Last year you mentioned that you missed some because of similarity of names, so you improved on your performance. Good job. :-)

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