Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Oscar Quiz: Best Picture Nominee or Adult Film? Can You Tell From Just the Title?

Here’s a little quiz to see how well you know your Oscar nominees.  I will list a series of real film names, grouped by related titles.  Some of them will be ones nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture and others will be on AVN’s list of the Top 101 Adult Videos.  Can you tell which is which?  Score one point for every correct answer.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice:

100 Men and a Girl
The Country Girl
Farmer’s Daughters
Four Daughters
Sorority Sweethearts
Three Smart Girls
Two Women
Working Girl

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs’ Tails:

Boys Town
A Few Good Men
Here Comes Mr. Jordan
Here Comes the Navy
Howard’s End
The Hustler
Jekyll & Hyde
A Soldier’s Story


Alice Adams
Amanda by Night
Blame It on Ginger
Hannah and Her Sisters
Kitty Foyle
Naughty Marietta

The Girls Mom Warned You About:

American Beauty
Bad Girl
Bad Girls
Beauties in Paradise
The Little Foxes

In the Home:

Behind the Green Door
Bobby Sox
Dark Garden
The Dinner Party
The Dresser
House of Dreams
In the Bedroom
The Robe
The Secret Garden

There are a total of 34 Best Picture nominees and 16 Adult Films in this quiz.  They break down as follows:

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: 100 Men and a Girl, The Country Girl, Four Daughters, Three Smart Girls, and Working Girl are the nominees; Farmer’s Daughters, Sorority Sweethearts, and Two Women are the adult films.

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs’ Tails: Boys Town, A Few Good Men, Giant, Gladiator, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Here Comes the Navy, Howard’s End, The Hustler, A Soldier’s Story, and Up are the nominees; Conquest and Jekyll & Hyde are the adult films.

Names: Alfie, Alice Adams, Elizabeth, Fanny, Gigi, Hannah and Her Sisters, Julia, Kitty Foyle, Naughty Marietta, and Tess are all nominees; Amanda by Night and Blame It on Ginger are the adult films.

The Girls Mom Warned You About: American Beauty, Babe, Bad Girl, Darling, Jezebel, and The Little Foxes are the nominees; Bad Girls, Beauties in Paradise, and Looker are the adult films.

In the Home: The Dresser, In the Bedroom, and The Robe are the nominees; Behind the Green Door, Bobby Sox, Dark Garden, The Dinner Party, House of Dreams, and The Secret Garden are the adult films.

How Did You Do? 

Seriously?  You didn’t even get American Beauty or Gladiator?
1 – 10
At least you got American Beauty or Gladiator.
11 – 20
You might want to explore more Oscar nominated films.
21 – 30
Not bad.  You must have seen your share of films.
31 – 40
Damn good.  You really know your stuff.
41 – 49
Very impressive.  You are an expert on Oscar nominees.  (Or adult films.)
That IMDB sure is a handy site, isn’t it?


  1. Fun quiz. I did pretty well, although I'll admit that a couple that have names equal to or very similar to Oscar films on my list (but not Best Picture nominees) threw me off.

    1. I almost put "Hi Steve" in the 40-49 rating. I'm glad you liked it. I originally had 100 movies, but I figured that was too much and that cutting it in half would let me do a different list next year.

  2. Nice. Unfortunately I ended up reading the entire post before I realized I should have taken the quiz first. I guess that gives me a final score of -5 points.

    I guess with those titles and names somebody will from time to time make some interesting mistakes. When I was younger I actually thought Deep Throat was a spy story because it was used as code name for a real world mole.

    1. Yes, that was the informant on the U.S. Watergate break in in the early 70s. The name was taken from that film.

  3. Got 25. The one I knew was an adult film was Behind the Green Door.

    1. That's definitely one of the most famous ones. Ones like Deep Throat or Debbie Does Dallas can't really be mistaken for a mainstream film name.

  4. Very good. I guess you could put Midnight Cowboy under either heading since it did have an X rating during initial release. I don't think anyone today would categorize it as an "adult" film.

    1. I'm glad you liked it.

      Midnight Cowboy is a "sort of, but not really" X rating. At the time it was released the R rating did not exist. If a movie was more than a PG then it got an X. Once the R rating was created Midnight Cowboy was re-rated to an R.

  5. I got about 15 or so, fun quiz, Chip!

    I remember Ricky Gervais made a joke at the Golden Globes how Robert Downey Jr was in Iron Man, Bowfinger, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and so on, and questioned, are these adult films or what? Pretty funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEdqElJP0QM

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      Thanks for the link. I remembered Downey's response, but not Gervais' intro.