Monday, November 24, 2014

There Will Be a Pause in Posting, and I Have a Request

Hopefully it will be a short pause.  I was going to write my next review tonight, but when I got home I found my house had been broken into.  No one was harmed, but damage was done.  I’m going to have to deal with this first.  Then when you throw in the Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday it may be a week or more before I post again.

Oh, and there is also what I believe to be transmission problems with my vehicle that I was trying to get the dealer to look at before Thanksgiving.

And it’s only Monday.

So now that I’ve depressed some/all of you, how is your week going so far?  J

I suppose now that I’ve banked a little sympathy I might as well go ahead and see if anyone can help me with something movie related.

Heimat, the 1984 German TV Miniseries, has just gone to Unavailable status on Netflix.  The first disk had been in Very Long Wait status ever since I added it to my queue a year ago.  The other five disks were all readily available, but Netflix has now made all six Unavailable.  Maybe I should have watched disks 2-6 when I had the chance.

Amazon is selling Heimat…for $369.95.  That’s somewhere north of ridiculous.  And that only gets you what reviewers say is a crappy DVD transfer that apparently came from a video cassette.  The price also means Netflix will not be replenishing their inventory of it anytime soon.  Finally, I can’t find it at any of the online sites I’ve used to find other movies Netflix does not offer.

Heimat is on the They Shoot Pictures Don’t They list, the New York Times Top 1,000 Movies list, the Empire Top 500 movies list, and the Empire Top 100 World Films list.  I’ve been working on the TSPDT list and I’m down to less than 100.  I had located all the remaining ones, but Heimat has now become an issue.

Does anyone know of a place to find Heimat?  If you are uncomfortable leaving a comment here you can email me at with the particulars.

Please note that there were follow-up TV miniseries Heimat 2 (1992) and Heimat 3 (2004).  It’s the original from 1984 I’m looking for.  Its full title is Heimat: A Chronicle of Germany (aka Heimat: Eine Deutsche Chronik).

I hope all the folks in the U.S. have a Happy Thanksgiving.  And for the folks outside the U.S., I hope you have a better than usual Thursday.


  1. I found a torrent here if you're interested as well as in this page.

    1. Thanks. I'm afraid I can't do torrents, though. Some years back I thought I had protected myself when I did one, but I ended up getting so fouled up from opening up my machine that I finally had to reformat my hard drive and reload the system software to get rid of the viruses.

      When necessary I do direct downloads like the links used on the 1001 Movies wiki. I think because of the amount of moving pieces on Heimat that it has discouraged folks from creating all the links necessary to support direct downloads instead of peer to peer connections.

  2. A burglary would be enough to bring me down. I hope nothing important is missing.
    I loved Heimat when it ran on television back in the eighties. It was odd that they used black and white filming for large parts of the series, but it actually worked quite well.

    1. I've also found out today that I'm going to have to have someone come in to repair my oil tank before I can get any more heating oil delivered to my house. When it rains it pours.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you are doing okay.