Friday, August 7, 2015

Crouching Tiger Swinging Lightsabers (or, Can a Lightsaber Produce “Just a Flesh Wound”?)

I happened to run across these recently and I was amused by them.  Apparently there’s a bunch of people who use their own computer software to re-edit swordfights to turn them into lightsaber duels.  There’s a whole subset of ones from Game of Thrones.  Here were my two favorite scenes:

In my opinion this one works the best re-imagined as lightsabers.  Some I saw didn’t come across the best because of the way the original scenes were shot.  The metal swords were bouncing off objects when as lightsabers they should be cutting through them (except another lightsaber.)

And this one falls into the “of course someone had to do this scene” category.  I love the Darth Vader breathing of the Black Knight.


  1. I like the Monty Python one, but then I have always loved that scene.

    1. It's a perfect fit with the Darth Vader/Black Knight in the scene.