Friday, July 8, 2011

Humor – Fails

The world has a lot of idiots and proof of this seems to eventually end up on the internet.  I have tons of these.  Here is a sampling:

You know, I think those letters can stand for something else, too.

You got that?  No excetions!

Hey, the cop that shows up might be cute.

Because after buying a Lexus convertible and a 63 inch flatscreen TV, you've got to draw the line at paying a delivery charge.

It's not just humans who can be stupid.

Take a closer look at what the driver is drinking.

Can you get a yellow card on yourself?

I ask you, what could possibly go wrong?

If only they put something on the hats to help shield your eyes from the sun.

Sometimes an editorial comment is needed.  (And they didn't even pick on them for the grammatical error.)

A design flaw is not always noticeable at first.

I suspect this was intentional.

Sometimes you should at least read one of the questions on the test.

Guys, women do not respect a tramp stamp on a man.

I bet he regrets not finding a tattoo artist who can spell.

Speaking of tattoos, the absolutely stupidest thing you can do is get a boyfriend's or girlfriend's name tattooed on yourself.  If Brenda ever breaks up with him this guy pretty much HAS to restrict his dating to women named Brenda because that thing's not coming off.  (Know someone named Brenda?  Send her a link to this post so she can be amused/horrified.)

Finally, the person with the camera must have figured something was going to go wrong, otherwise they wouldn't have been ready to take the picture.  I think alcohol may have been involved.

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